Q) How your courses are different from school's computer courses?

A) School's computer courses focuses less on practical applications. But, our courses are specifically focused on project based learning(less lecturing, more doing).

Q) What are the minimum requirements to take the course?

A) Since the course will be conducted in English, your child must be able to understand basic English.

Q) My kid is too young, will he/she be able to understand the topics?

A) Our course is formulated in such a way that even kid of age 5 or above can understand the topics thoroughly. But, the only requirement is he/she must be able to speak and understand basic English.

Q) Will coding help my kids to perform better in academics?

A) Yes, of course, learning coding will help your child with math, writing, creativity, communication, and confidence.

Q) Where will classes take place?

A) To attend classes you just need a laptop, and a high-speed internet connection.

Q) How frequent are these classes?

A) There will be 2 classes per week.

Q) What is the cancellation/refund policy?

A) As we are firmly dedicated to making your child's future brilliant, your child must be completely dedicated to work for his/her splendid future also. Consequently, we don't give any refunds for fees. For a reasonable purchase, we give you a Demo class session before purchasing any course.

Q) What happens If I miss a class?

A) You don't have to worry about it at all, we got you covered here as well. We will provide your kid recorded lesson for that particular class.

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